GQL uses the python logging module.

In order to debug a problem, you can enable logging to see the messages exchanged between the client and the server. To do that, set the loglevel at INFO at the beginning of your code:

import logging

For even more logs, you can set the loglevel at DEBUG:

import logging

Disabling logs

By default, the logs for the transports are quite verbose.

On the INFO level, all the messages between the frontend and the backend are logged which can be difficult to read especially when it fetches the schema from the transport.

It is possible to disable the logs only for a specific gql transport by setting a higher log level for this transport (WARNING for example) so that the other logs of your program are not affected.

For this, you should import the logger from the transport file and set the level on this logger.

For the RequestsHTTPTransport:

from gql.transport.requests import log as requests_logger

For the WebsocketsTransport:

from gql.transport.websockets import log as websockets_logger