Basic usage

In order to execute a GraphQL request against a GraphQL API:

  • create your gql transport in order to choose the destination url and the protocol used to communicate with it

  • create a gql Client with the selected transport

  • parse a query using gql

  • execute the query on the client to get the result

from gql import Client, gql
from gql.transport.aiohttp import AIOHTTPTransport

# Select your transport with a defined url endpoint
transport = AIOHTTPTransport(url="")

# Create a GraphQL client using the defined transport
client = Client(transport=transport, fetch_schema_from_transport=True)

# Provide a GraphQL query
query = gql(
    query getContinents {
      continents {

# Execute the query on the transport
result = client.execute(query)


Please note that this basic example won’t work if you have an asyncio event loop running. In some python environments (as with Jupyter which uses IPython) an asyncio event loop is created for you. In that case you should use instead the Async Usage example.